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12 Months of Second Hand Clothes Shopping

Starting 2019 has reminded me that I have gone over 12 months of shopping mainly second hand. This is when it comes to clothes for myself but I have also made sure I cant buy anything I need second hand before buying something new for the boys, Ben or the house too! But for the most part, my clothes have been bought second hand since January last year. Bar maybe about 5 things… a coat in the sale bought on a very cold day when I had actually forgotten my coat and ended up walking past one exactly like I had wanted in ages and so I just decided it was fate and that I was allowed to buy it! Especially considering the last coat I bought was an old Whistles parka from eBay for £10 and as practical as it is, it does make me look like a big sack, which is fine sometimes but not all the time, ya know! My only other warm coat is one bought in the Zara sales about 3 years ago and has been worn to death… anyway can you tell I feel like I need to justify this purchase haha!

The other things that have been bought new have been a top from & Other Stories, some Sorel boots (that will last me forever) and maybe a t shirt or two out of desperation last summer. Other than that everything else has been purchased from charity shops, eBay, carboot sales and vintage shops.

The best thing about this whole process has been that it has completely rekindled my love for clothes, if you have had kids you probably know that feeling of losing a sense of who you are, forgetting what you like to wear and just getting stuck in the sleep deprived trap of chucking on whatever you can grab that fits!

Rather than spending my life waiting to fit back in to my pre pregnancy clothes I’m learning to accept what my body looks like right now and make the most of enjoying clothes again otherwise i’m destined to rotate the same 3 outfits my whole life!

One of the great things about shopping second hand is the fact that most of the time you don’t have to spend a lot of money, so I feel less stubborn about buying a size bigger than I wore before kids! Im also able to invest in better quality brands, like the linen Toast skirt I got from eBay for £30 that is really well made and can be worn all year round. I’m thinking more about what gaps I have in my wardrobe and then buying specifically those items rather than aimlessly wondering around the shops and being tempted by things I really don’t need.

I no longer ‘go shopping’ which is what I used to waste hours of my life doing! I enjoy the odd peruse around the charity shops with a friend and making a day out of it or otherwise I search for things I need on eBay. I also don’t feel the need to follow the latest trends anymore but instead focus on what suits me and what will last a long time.

I have been having regular clear outs of my clothes and giving unwanted items to friends and family and the rest to charity, so along with the Marie Kondo method of folding clothes I am feeling much more on track to having something one day resembling a capsule wardrobe!

The whole challenge of shopping second hand was in a bid to not contribute to the huge global issue of fast fashion and what a terribly wasteful and unethical industry it is. I am not only pleased with how easy I found it but also how it has really changed a small part of my life, hugely for the better. I would recommend this lifestyle change to everyone for your own wellbeing but also for the overwhelming positive imapct it could have on our environment.

zero waste skincare

Zero Waste Hair and Skincare Routine!

As always I’m a little quiet over here, it’s almost impossible to keep on top of a youtube channel, two Instagram accounts and two websites (I also run Eco Thing with my pal Chrissy!) in very little free time and my poor old blog always gets shoved to the bottom of the pile!
I thought I would pop on here to keep you up to date with my zero waste series on youtube!  I am uploading zero waste themed videos every Sunday to document my journey and share my tips, click subscribe to stay up to date with it all.

Where to shop bulk and package free in Bristol

With a more zero waste lifestyle being at the forefront of my goals this year and wanting to end the year feeling confident I have created much less waste than last year I am now attempting to get on it with my bulk and package free shopping.  It takes a little more time and organisation especially when, like me, you don’t drive OR ride a bike but when it comes to food shopping in Bristol we are fairly well served in the bulk shopping department especially with Zero Green now opened on North Street and with the promise of two more zero waste shops opening North of the river too!

How to get started with Green Beauty + an easy skincare DIY

When I first got in to green beauty I had no idea where to start, so many brands and products I knew nothing about!  I recently asked my friend Sasha from Balanced Beauty Bristol, a Holistic and Beauty Therapist as well as green beauty Blogger and Vlogger to answer some of my questions and blimey, she was a WEALTH of knowledge!  I learnt so much from her!!

How to make your own DIY oil cleanser | Dry to combination skin.

I’m a sucker for a DIY and as a current student in the life of all things green living and an ex product junkie I couldn’t wait to get making my own homemade skincare products!  I have been using my homemade micellar water for a while now and I love it so next on my list was an oil cleanser!
zero waste journey

My Zero Waste Transition So Far

OMG it’s February already, I mean, THANK GOD January is over but also, WTF?!  Anyway, I wont go on about how time flies blah blah blah but instead I wanted to talk about how my goal of becoming a leeetle bit more zero waste is going.  Now, zero waste is becoming so much of a ‘trend’ right now that I’m getting a little sick of hearing, saying or writing it, haha anyone else?!  But actually this is a REALLY GOOD THING!

My Goals for 2018 | Zero Waste & Simplifying

Ahhhh finally getting back in to swing of things over here!!  As it’s a fresh new year and I have lots of plans for 2018 I thought I’d let you know what some of my goals are for the coming months, its all in the video below!  If you aren’t subscribed to my youtube channel, you can do that here!  Happy New Year!

Green People New Damask Rose Facial Oil | Giveaway

If you read my blog or watch my videos, you will know how much I love a facial oil!  My skin has never been happier since oils became a regular part of my skincare routine.  The latest edition to my routine is the gorgeous new facial oil by Green People, a brand I am really enjoying at the moment.  Their Damask Rose Facial Oil is part of their special edition collection celebrating their 20th anniversary and is specially released for parched Winter skin.

The Wild Source Apothecary

A couple of months ago I received a very lovely little parcel from The Wild Source Apothecary, a small batch, botanical beauty company producing vegan, ethical and completely natural skincare products with the most beautiful ingredients, made by a lady called Kate in her kitchen in Bristol.  I loved them so much, I almost forgot to photograph them before I used them all up but then decided to use the official Wild Source Apothecary photos anyway because the are SO BEAUTIFUL!

Visiting Salcombe in Autumn

We started half term with a well overdue trip to the inlaws, we love a catch up with bens parents and it always includes lush food, super comfy beds, a tidy house and a happy Charlie (and wonderful company of course)!  Another lovely thing about heading further in to the South West is all the beautiful little places there is to visit, this time we visited Salcombe on one of our days trips, a pretty little town on the Southern coast.